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Important Travel Tips *Read & Share!*

Earlier this summer we shared several #travel tips on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CGI.Penticton

I thought I would share my favourite 14 tips with you! Great food for thought when travelling!

Travel Tip #1: Choosing whether to stay in a bed and breakfast or hotel. Those who desire a “home away from home” experience may seek out a bed and breakfast. A B&B is usually family owned and operated & are often private homes. One guest compared staying at Casa Grande Inn, B&B on the Beach to staying at their favorite Aunt’s house!

Travel Tip # 2: It is always advisable to get travel insurance, or cancellation insurance. Look in to it the next time you book any getaway, whether it be for 2 days or 2 weeks!

Travel Tip # 3: Before you book on line, try calling the hotel directly. Chances are they have a special discount rate available when booking by phone. So the next time you travel to Penticton give us a call 250-276-3030

Travel Tip #4: Remember to respect other guests when travelling. We know you’re on vacation, and out to have a good time. But when you return to your hotel or B&B, remember, other guests might be trying to sleep. Some are here on business, others for medical reasons, not everyone is out to party. A simple respect for others will go a long way to make everyone’s stay more enjoyable.

Travel Tip # 5: Are you planning a special occasion alongside your visit to Casa Grande Inn! We can help you make your visit extra special! ask about custom gift baskets! — at Casa Grande Inn, B&B on the Beach.

Travel Tip # 6: Plan Ahead. Booking a weekend getaway whether it be with friends, family, or loved ones may sound like a good idea at the time, but what if you get there and the town it not what you expected or The cool attractions are closed, or worse, booked up. Plan ahead. Make reservations! It will save you loads of time, money and aggravation.

Travel Tip #7: If you are booking on line, always make sure you specify the correct # of people you expect to put in a room when booking. Many places have very specific occupancy restrictions, and if you show up with extra people, you could be turned away, without a refund. It’s a legal liability issue. Remember, Kids are people too! Unfortunately, Casa Grande Inn does not take kids under 10 years of age, and all of our rooms are double occupancy only. Happy Holidays!

Travel Tip # 8: Many Hotels, motels and B&B’s are pet friendly, and many also have pets living on premises. If you have allergies, you should take an extra minute to review the info supplied by the hotel to ensure you are not surprised by a 4 legged friend running around. Yes, Casa has a couple of pet friendly rooms, and non pet friendly and yes, we have Happy, a Yorkie living on site. We also post pics of her on all of our booking sites to make our future guests aware. Take a minute, check the pics, before you book. Or better yet call and chat with the front desk 250-276-3030

Travel Tip # 9 – Pack light! It doesn’t matter if you are travelling by car or by plane, packing light has its advantages. Also check with the hotel. It may provide in room soaps and shampoos. (we do) One less thing to pack.

Travel Tip # 10 Call your credit card company before you leave to put a travel alert on your card. Also make note of their international customer service number, just in case you lose your card.

Travel Tip # 11: At this time, Visa Debit Cards do not work when booking over the phone or over the internet at some Canadian locations. (us included) They only work in person. So make sure when booking on line you use an actual visa or mastercard or amex to guarantee your reservation and avoid frustration.

Travel Tip #12 – There are many advantages to travelling mid week, as opposed to weekends. Sometimes hotel rates can be cheaper. Some offer midweek specials. Attractions and restaurants are less busy. If you don’t have to travel on a weekend, consider a Sunday through Thursday getaway

Travel Tip # 13 – Don’t lie to your accommodation. If you are travelling with kids or pets, always let the hotel, motel, B&B know. Some places have age restrictions or occupancy maximums associated with their rooms. If you lied when booking, and say, you show up with 2 kids when you only put down 2 adults, you could be denied your room and lose your deposit and maybe even the cost of your whole reservation. Honesty is the best policy.

Travel Tip # 14…If you book on line with a credit card, you may be required to present that SAME credit card upon check in. Remember to bring it with you! :)

Happy Travels from your friends at Casa Grande Inn

Ask about the beach chairs we have for our guests!

Ask about the beach chairs we have for our guests!

We have free indoor bike storage!

We have free indoor bike storage!

sorry-no kids
Casa is small pet friendly upon request.

Casa is small pet friendly upon request.

The Bobblehead Boss at Casa Grande Inn

The Bobblehead Boss at Casa Grande Inn

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World’s Best Malbec!

If you are a Malbec lover, then then Okanagan has some great news for you.
Church and State Winery has just won the World’s Best Malbec Award.
Apparently out of 5000 wines submitted, this lovely little winery, in the south Okanagan took home the gold.

We just wanted to share this little bit of news with you.
Find all the details by following the link at the bottom of this post!

PS: Why not book a wine tour getaway to Casa Grande Inn. We can connect you with some wonderful wine tour companies that can take you to fabulous wineries all over the Okanagan, including Church and State.
Give us a call 250-276-3030 to book your getaway today!

LINK: http://churchandstatewines.com/church-state-takes-worlds-best-malbec/

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Good Bye Ironman, are you up for a new Challenge?

So for those of you that don’t know. 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the Ironman Canada Triathlon. It will also be the last one (so I hear) But don’t despair, there is a new Triathlon coming to town…Challenge Penticton. This new race will be held the same weekend in 2013, that would have hosted the Ironman…Aug 25, 2013.
Here is the recent news story about it!

For those interested here is the link to their facebook page.

And a weblink re: the Challenge Family

REGISTRATION for Challenge Penticton 2013, opens at 9:00 AM on Monday August, 27, 2012 at the South Okanagan Events Centre (SOEC) Box Office!

I will try and keep you posted on our Facebook page. Be sure to follow this link and click LIKE to get the updates!

YES you will be able to reserve accommodations at Casa Grande Inn for Challenge 2013 starting on Monday, in house starting at 11am, or by phone 250-276-3030
Casa Grande Inn offers indoor bike lock up for cyclists!

We hope our Iron Friends will embrace this Triathlon change and support Challenge Penticton!

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Penticton Top 10 Wine Tour Destination in the WORLD!

I Just wanted to share this blog with fellow wine lovers!

It’s Great news for Penticton and area…I’m getting thirsty just reading about it!
We can help you plan your next wine tour when you book your stay at Casa Grande Inn! (only 5 minutes from the closest winery)

If you want to book a guided tour, or go on your own, we are happy to point you in the right direction.
Did you know that we have over 100 wineries in our area!

Read this blog!!! Then come to Penticton and see why we’re #1!
Call 250-276-3030 to reserve


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Travelling to Penticton with a pet? To Celebrate our new family member “Happy” the dog, The Hideaway room will be $19 off per night & will not have a pet charge when booking a minimum 2 nights between Fri Aug 19 and Aug 24 2011. And Aug 31 – Sept 7 2011!

We know how important Pets are to the family!  Don’t leave them behind when you travel…stay with us, we’re pet friendly!

 C’mon and meet HAPPY!   She was rescued from a Puppy mill by the SPCA, and Adopted by us on August 15th, 2011!  She is  (we think) 4 years old and a true bundle of joy. She loves other dogs and cats! But Happy is Happiest around people, so make sure you come and scratch her ears and say Hello!!


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SiestaThe NEW Siesta Room is a New Favourite at Casa Grande Inn, Penticton’s ONLY B&B across from Okanagan Beach on Lakeshore Drive!  Follow your private stairway, to your private patio, where you can enjoy both sun and shade.  Sit at the bistro table, or lounge in the reclining loungers.  Inside the siesta room, you are greeted with a super comfy king size bed, flat screen tv, real hardwood floors, a sitting area with a table, plus a cozy chair, a large closet,  a full bathroom and a lake view from the window!  This room has it’s own AC unit, and we’ve even supplied snuggly bathrobes!   Siesta 2

Getting married?    The Bride and Groom can enjoy the privacy this room has to offer as it is set away from the rest of the B&B.  But still enjoy the huge common area and common lakeview patios that all guests can use!  Casa grande inn is perfect for Family Reunions, Weddings, Group gatherings and More.  Wifi is available in all our rooms!  

Come up for a Tour!  You are going to Love it!   Call 250-276-3030 to reserve today!

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Travel plans subject to fruit?

Are your Penticton travel plans, subject to what fruit is ripe for the picking?  Here is the list of what is ready/when…of course Mother Nature and variety always plays a part in the growth as well!  Casa Grande Inn is a perfect Penticton B&B accommodation for those on the hunt for fresh fruit. We are just a short drive to an abundance of fruit stands and wineries.  Our garage is a great place to store your cases of fruit or wine, rather then your car, plus every room has access to a mini fridge!   Book your stay with us today 250-276-3030  

Fruit Bloom Harvest Dates:

A p r i c o t s

Blossom Dates April 10 – April 25
Harvest Dates July 20 – August 10

C h e r r i e s
Blossom Dates April 20 – May 7
Harvest Dates July 1 – August 1

P e a c h e s
Blossom Dates April 20 – May 2
Harvest Dates July 25 – September 1

P e a r s
Blossom Dates
April 25 – May 10
Harvest Dates August 15 – September 30

P r u n e s / P l u m s
Blossom Dates
April 28 – May 10
Harvest Dates August 15 – September 10

A p p l e s
Blossom Dates
May 15 – May 20
Harvest Dates August 15 – October 30

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Map of Casa


Incase you are driving by Casa Grande B&B on Lakeshore Drive in Penticton, here’s a quick map of what you are seeing.

Pic taken March 2010, the trees will be green soon and the beach will be packed!

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Photos of Casa Grande Inn

beach out front of casaThere are many photos of Casa Grande Inn.  Become our friend on facebook, and find photos on our Friend page, and our Group page.   www.facebook.com

We also have a flickr account!  Find and share pics, just click on the flickr link below!


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Twitter!!!! Facebook!!!

We are on twitter and facebook.
On Twitter look us up as: CasaGrandeInn
On Facebook, search friends for Casa grande, or join our group page “Casa Grande Inn ~ B&B on the Beach”

You’ll find great specials and events posted often. Please join us on Facebook and Twitter today!

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